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Jan. 19th, 2008

mood icons

mood icons cj has that ij doesn't have: nervous
mood icons ij has that cj doesn't have: artistic, bitchy, blah, bouncy, chipper, complacent, content, crushed, determined, ditzy, drained, enthralled, exanimate, flirty, giggly, gloomy, guilty, horny, indescribable, indifferent, intimidated, lethargic, listless, melancholy, mellow, mischievous, morose, nauseated, peaceful, pensive, pissed off, predatory, quixotic, recumbent, refreshed, rejuvenated, rushed, silly, sore, thirsty

whoa, i dunno if i missed it b4 or if it just got added, but i see that cj now has sm mood icons--caleida style only dif pix! but i think i'll still keep my 8th grade journal at caleida cuz cj's sm mood icons are missing a lot of moods just like the slugs r.
dj's slugs have nervous and all the other moods.
gj has nervous and all the other moods.
ij's weather icons don't have nervous.
lj's kitties have nervous and all the other moods.
scribbld has nervous and all the other moods.

Jan. 13th, 2008


themes that ij has that cj doesn't have: opal & unearthed. both have bloggish but it doesn't work on cj. i had unearthed b4 but i think i wanna switch to bloggish or opal. unearthed didn't have a page summary, and it only had a calendar if u let that big blurb show.
bloggish DOES show the mood and music at the top. and it has a calendar that doesn't take up much room and shows my default userpic. the downside is that the text area is still small and there's no way to change it; and there's no link on ur journal for ur website. also no way to change colors; u just get to pick themes. themes i like: bonjour chatette (takes up whole page but green and pink), forest green (elegant but just green), knitting (pretty but not really my style), purple crush (a little too purple). knitting is a good one for when i have a baby. there's a wedding theme too for when i get married. haha. calendar is above the page summary links.
opal - i CAN change the colors even if the themes don't work. this one shows my site link. page summary links are above the calendar. calendar looks better in opal than bloggish. mood and music r on the bottom. i decided to use opal cuz i like having the custom colors better than just getting to pick from those themes which weren't that good anyway. bloggish is a lot of wasted space. i made my opal's colors look kinda like opal. :-J

scribbld.net is back up. here's a good entry for finding ppl to give out invites: http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/specimen/1027.html
out of the list:
kyerumption, raceriot, tallblue, daniel, sirius, caelestiskibeth, kreuger_whore, randomclassic.
i asked kyerumption. got 2 codes, made 2 journals. may use 'em in the future to post my stories, but i'm not liking how laggy tis and how i only get 5 icons per account. i think neither ij nor cj allow custom styles. maybe that's why ppl like scribbld.net better. i'd take 100 icons anyday over custom styles.
edit: cj allows custom styles. so what's the excuse now?

tabular indent is my fav s1 style (even of all the new gj styles too) cuz it uses the whole page for the entry text, the mood/music stuff's at the top, the date and subject are clearly visible, the time isn't too prominent. a lot of styles waste space w/ having the usericon and links on one side of the page; tabular indent has it at the top and wastes no space. in s2, u can have tabular indent showing ur icons w/ every entry too. the only downside of tabular indent is that it doesn't show calendar or page summary. so haven and opal are pretty good for that. tabular indent has a good calendar display. drone and deep melodrama are some good color schemes for tabular indent.

also, generator - jeweled has awesome colors. generator doesn't have a memory link tho. for all the other journals that i created and am not using, i just slapped on the generator jeweled theme. but if u ever use any other journal besides ij that doesn't have new/unique styles, i suggest using tabular indent but with generator jeweled's colors. but u might wanna make 'em some shades lighter, or switch the colors around somewhat. the reason i'm not slapping on tabular indent instead is cuz tabular indent is a good one to use when u write lots. currently i'm not writing more than a couple lines in those other journals, so it looks better to have generator w/ 'em. plus default generator doesn't show icons, and that's good for journals i don't use much and haven't uploaded many icons to.

generator jeweled colors:
purple = #881188
lighter purple = #aa6699
lavender = #cc99cc
cerulean blue = #006699
lighter blue = #5f6f99
sky blue = #ccddee
dark jungle green = #008888
sea green = #cceecc

ij s2 styles that show page summary in sidebar:
bloggish - no blurb, music/mood at the top; best color template is bonjour chatette cuz it takes up the full screen; doesn't show my website link.
Digital Multiplex - no themes, has custom colors, has blurb; i decided to use this one for jans.
haven - shows date too much, would be good for dreams, multi light purple is my fav template.
Opal (Libra OSWD) - snowcone works now, but u don't get to order calendar/page summary/blurb/etc.; good for stories.

custom colors for opal:
» Background Color Choose...#d5c3f5
» Background Font Color Choose...#4d0fff
» Page Holder Background Choose...#2da491
» Page Holder Font Color Choose...#fcde15
» Content Background Color Choose...#fef7f7
» Content Font Color Choose...#9317fc
» Link Color Choose...#3e18ff
» Visited Link Color Choose... #ff2008

Dec. 7th, 2007


100 icons is the max.
no new s1 styles.
i see some new mood themes. bugs and weather. kool. i like lierre's forecast better than the weather forecast. shocked mood is a lightning bolt. that'd be good for clicking convos, but i already have that journal established, and i'm retired. i choose bugs.
i've been meaning to move to a new journal for awhile now, but i didn't know where to go or what my username should be yet. jans and jan were taken at lj & gj.
there r some new s2 styles tho. here r da 1s i like:

*bloggish - forest green, purple crush; kinda small area for journal text, date at top, subject pretty big, mood at bottom
*dear diary - (i like default or regal [both purple] but only default shows; date is biggest and top, time is same size as subject, mood at bottom, comment at bottom, no calendar; if u use this one, choose nature title bar)
*opal - (no; i like snow cone [blue and purple] but the theme doesn't show up, mood at bottom, comment at top, subject is nice and big, date and time are at top, icon is squeewomp)
*quite lickable - (no; none of the color changes worked, time is too prominantly displayed, not enough separation between days, mood and music at the bottom)
*unearthed (mood at top, calendar takes up a lot of space at top, would be good for ryan cuz lots of green and blue themes, i like leisure renewal - floral)

i chose unearthed. bloggish and dear diary had purple themes, but too much purple. even w/out the colors, i like unearthed's style the best. tis perfect except for the placement of the calendar. bloggish's date was too prominant and the entries were too small. dear diary didn't have a claendar and the moods were at the bottom. unearthed lets u change the colors even if u pick a theme, but bloggish doesn't. dear diary lets u change the colors, but still no option for calendar.

gj haven - gwuwien

2009 edit: changing this journal's style from digital multiplex to complete style - winter red.

Dec. 6th, 2007


man, gj is going as far as to suggest that ppl create their new journals at insanejournal.com instead of gj! :scream: i wasn't planning on making a new account at gj, but since i'd never heard of ij, i made one there just to see what twas like.